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  • Now get your own Tongues and Noses logo!!


MyDog Tongues and Noses Merchandise


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Based on the famous GNR logo, now your pet can be in the center of the Tongues and Noses Logo
Pay for you logo, and I will upload it to Red Bubble where you can buy all the merch you want!




Upload Your pet Photo

Upload your pet to

(max file size 300 MB)


Based on the famous GNR logo, now your pet can be in the center of the Tongues and Noses Logo
Available on T-shirts and Tank tops, and more through red bubble!




Taking Good Photos

We highly recommend that you send us a high quality photograph of your pet, as the quality of the MyPet Adhesive that we manufacture exclusively for you will largely depend on the quality of the image that you send us.

Since we want you to have the best quality MyPet Adhesive so that you will enjoy your custom MyPet Adhesive, as well enable you to show off your four legged friend, we have included some very simple, yet useful tips, on how to take a great photo.

You can read more about these tips here.

Preparing Your File

Once you have selected the “best” photograph of your pet, you will need to up-load it to our server. We prefer a high resolution photograph of your pet, as we discussed in the Taking Good Photos section.

Please send us a high resolution image of your pet either in JPEG, Tiff, or psd format.

It would also be helpful if you name your image with your pet's name and your last name, ie Bentley Smith.

Installing Your MyPet Adhesive

Installing your MyPet Adhesive is quite simple and does not require any special tools or skills. Following these three (3) steps will insure that you installed your MyPet Adhesive correctly:

  1. Clean and the dry the outside of the window thoroughly.
  2. Remove the backing of the material in the same manner as you remove the backing of a band-aide.
  3. Now apply the MyPet Adhesive to the window at the location that you chose and smooth-out any wrinkles with your hands.

It’s that easy and that simple. Click here for more information.


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