• Feel like your best friend is always by your side

  • Makes a Perfect Birthday Gift

  • Great for Memorials

  • Now get your own Tongues and Noses logo!!



Your MyDog Adhesive that we will produce exclusively for you is a high quality window adhesive that will contain an actual photographic picture of your pet(s) that is easily applied to your car’s window or to your home window.  After you apply the window adhesive to your window it appears like your pet is inside there and looking out the window.

In order for us to produce the best quality window adhesive, here’s what we need you to send us.

1What You Need To Send Us

Please refer to the picture in the illustration below and send us a high resolution photo of your dog’s face and upper body, either a front view or a side view, and a photo of your dog’s paw in a front view, eye level from the floor.

Vector Smart ObjectVector Smart Object copypaws

Photo of Dog’s Face and Upper Body

diagramMugzy copyVector Smart Object copy 3

Photo of Dogs Paws in Front View

2How We Determine the Correct Size of Your Dog’s Head

All sizes are approximate and will be based on the measurements that you take of your dog and send to us with your picture.

We need you to use a stiff ruler and measure your dog’s head from the bottom of the jaw to the top of your dog’s head, from both the side and the front as shown in the Measurement Diagram below:

Measurement Diagrams

Once you complete the measurements, select the size that you prefer us to use for your pet in the MyDog Adhesive.

Size Selected for face of pet:

  • 4 inch Height Select
  • 5 inch Height Select
  • 6 inch Height Select
  • 7 inch Height Select
  • 8 inch Height Select

Remember, the final size of your MyDog Adhesive will be based on the size that You select.

3Our Manufacturing Time

The normal turn around time is 7-14 days from the time we receive your high resolution photo and the pet’s measurements.

Our highly skilled professionals will immediately begin preparing your MyDog Adhesive masterpiece.

4Applying Your MyDog Adhesive

The method is to apply your window adhesive is quite simple and does not require any tools or special skills.

Please refer to the diagram below.

Here’s all that your need to do.

  1. Clean the outside of the window where the MyDog Adhesive is to be applied with any standard type of window cleaning product.
  2. Dry the window thoroughly.
  3. Remove the backing of the material as shown illustration below.
  4. Then, all you need to do is apply the MyDog Adhesive to the window, smooth it with your hands and enjoy your masterpiece for many years to come.

Vector Smart Object copy 8peelback