Tips for Getting the Best Photograph of Your Pet

As a pet owner, you are the best judge of your pet’s unique personality and so here are some helpful tips that will allow you to capture your pet’s image in a high quality photograph that will produce the best possible MyDog Adhesive.

  1. Be patient and calm
    Most importantly, try to keep your picture-taking sessions short and keep your voice calm. Also try to take pictures during natural activities rather than attempting to direct your pet during this new activity called “picture taking.”
  2. Use a plain background
    A plain background will definitely produce a better image for the best final product. When you look through the camera viewfinder, force yourself to study the area surrounding your pet and shoot with the least clutter in the background.
  3. Use props to focus your pet’s attention
    If your pet isn’t a willing poser, and many aren’t, use a toy, or a small snack to get his or her attention.
  4. Shoot at eye level
    Eye-to-eye contact is as engaging with a pet as with a person. If you get down on your pet’s level you’ll create a warm and intimate photograph.
  5. Get as close as possible
    Fill the camera’s viewfinder or LCD display with your pet to create pictures with greater impact. Step in close or use your camera’s zoom to emphasize what is important and exclude the rest.
  6. Take lots of pictures
    Take lots of pictures of your pet to increase your chance of capturing just the right moment. Remember, even the pros take lots of pictures just to get that one great shot.
  7. Take the photograph at the highest resolution
    Set the camera resolution at the highest level possible. It’s important to understand that the higher the resolution of your picture, the better the quality of the printed image on your MyDog Adhesive.