Hi, I’m Matilda

Hi Everybody,

My given name is Matilda, but more often than not I am called Muffy.
In fact, sometimes I’m even called Muffins and sometimes I’m called Muffy Moo- Moo.
Oh well…I guess it could be worse…

It actually really makes my giggle inside when my mom and dad come up with silly names for me, but I honestly know it’s because they love me so much. When I bark back at them, I’m actually calling them some silly names as well.
Hmm… I wonder if they know that?

This all began about four and a half years ago when I was so lucky to be rescued by my mom and dad. My dad Nick and my mom Amy and adopted from Mid Atlantic Bulldog Rescue when I was at the young age of only 14 months old.
That day, I was given a second chance on life, and I couldn’t be more thankful!

Since that day, my life has been a truly happy adventure!
I consider myself a very fortunate “person” to have been adopted by such wonderful parents, who love me more than I know how to express.
Yes, I’m treated just like I was a real person, maybe even better!

My parent’s treat me, or maybe I should say spoil me, with lots of love and snuggles. They take me almost everywhere they go, except when they go to work.
When they’re home I’m always at their side and even when they relax to watch a movie they let me enjoy the movie with them on the couch.

Today was a special day for me.
Today we had as we had a blizzard and so it was actually a snow day for my parents who stayed home from work and they spent the entire day with me.

First, they let me go on the hunt for “creatures” that I thought might be hiding under the snow. While I was looking for them, all of a sudden to my surprise … Poof… a Jolly Ball lands in front of me.
We then played with the Jolly Ball for over an hour. Boy was that fun!!

After that we all went inside and I was treated to some pizza for lunch.
Boy oh boy, do I love me those snow days…and do I love my mom and dad!

Stay tuned for more…