What is the Product made of?
Your Personalized Pet Adhesive is printed on semi transparent, perforated, high quality vinyl material. This is the same material that is used on outdoor bus advertising.

Can I See through it?
Yes. We manufacture your Personalized Pet Adhesive using the same material that is used on outdoor bus advertising and this material does not interfere with the driver’s visibility.

How long will my Masterpiece last?
Your Personalized Pet Adhesive should look beautiful and last for many years. Our experience shows that after approximately 2-4 years you may experience some “slight” fading from the sun.

Will the Weather harm it?
After the material is printed, it is then laminated with a clear protective layer to protect the image from the effects of the environment.

How do I Apply my Personalized Pet Adhesive?
It is quite simple to apply your Personalized Pet Adhesive and it does not require any tools or special skills. All you need to do is clean and dry the outside of the window thoroughly, remove the backing of the material, apply the Personalized Pet Adhesive to the window and smooth with your hands. It’s that simple.

Is the Personalized Pet Adhesive Removable?
Yes, the Personalized Pet Adhesive can easily be removed.