Matilda Blog

Hi Everyone,

It’s been awhile since I posted any new information, as I was waiting for something interesting to tell you all about. Well, last weekend my mom and dad took me on a very long trip down to Indian Trails, North Carolina to participate in the 2015 Bullie-Que Convention.

We left home in New York City at about 3:00 AM on Friday morning and my dad drove the almost 700 miles in about 12 hours. We arrived at Indian Trails, NC at about 3:00 PM and headed straight off to the Convention gathering. I couldn’t believe all the bulldogs that were there with their guardians from all over. I now knew that this was going to be a fun weekend.

I was amazed to see that there were 175 Bulldogs and their guardians there. All the bulldogs were able to participate in a delicious brisket buffet. And it was delicious!!!

On Saturday morning we were all up real early since my mom and dad were also registered vendors at #bullieque2015, for their new business They worked really hard to set up their display stand with a demonstration of the product and brochures to hand out. My folks tell me that it was a really great day for them and their business. They said that they made a lot of new friends and sold many My Dog window adhesives.

So everything was really going nicely until I became “difficult”. I started to growl and bark at the other dogs and it became a real distraction. At first my dad put me in a fenced-in pen, aka Jail, but I refused to stop barking. He was left with no other alternative then to take me back to the hotel for the rest of the day!

Matilda in jail

As Daddy says, “Somebody’s gotta love the crazy ones!”, and they sure love me. I am now really sorry that I was so rude and I promised my mom and dad that next time I will be a real little princess.

My folks also told me that it was great running in to their friends from mid Atlantic Bulldog Rescue organization. !

Until next time…